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  • Shower Steamer Gift Duos

    A sachet of 6 shower steamers and a mood oil rollerball of your choice.

    A saving of £4. 95 on the buy separate price!

    The perfect way to enjoy (or gift!) our steamer and rollerball mood oil blends with plant actives clinically proven to help balance your mood and energy through the day.

    SHOWER STEAMERS transform your shower into a selfcare spa experience with wellbeing benefits.

    Simply place one steamer on the floor of your shower.
    Therapeutic essential oils are released to form a wellbeing steam cloud surrounding you as the steamer dissolves. Just inhale!


    MOOD OIL ROLLERBALLS are beautifully-scented oils - 
    a hug in a bottle for extra support tackling life's ups and downs. Keep on your desk, in your handbag or pocket or by your bed for regular use.


    Wake up Clarity Shower Streamers & a Sleep Aid Serenity bedside rollerball ?

    Breatheasy Immunity Shower Steamers & a Focus Clarity handbag rollerball ?


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