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ebo is the essence of good, seasonal skincare

winter, spring, summer and autumn facial oils sit at the core of the ebo range. Matching skincare to the seasons like this helps meet skin's fluctuating needs at different times of the year and keeps us in sync with nature.

Our formulations centre on essential beauty oils that work with your own skin science to stabilise natural oil production, as well as uplift your mood with aromatherapy scents.  

Working with your own amazing skin science

Because ebo products are 100% natural your body knows how to process them, taking what your skin needs at that moment. All-natural formulations also mean we're not pumping chemical nasties onto your skin or back into the environment. We use essential and botanical oils as they have a small molecular structure so can easily penetrate the epidermis for a powerful shot of the essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants that maintain a healthy lipid layer (the skin's protective barrier).

The ebo promise

We won't use ingredients that can’t be replenished at the rate they’re used. We never test on animals or carry ingredients that have been, and our packaging is as eco-friendly as we can make it. We also care for the well-being of the assess that supply the milk for our beauty bar, babyface. 

We try to use independent/cottage industries at each stage of production. Our fulfillment company is set on a farm near Caernarfan in North Wales, an area working hard to diversify around its traditional industries. This farm set-up was put in place by the founders of Mumstrust, champions of the eco nappy range GroVia. So, we keep all packaging to a minimum (there won't be ribbons) and ensure it’s sent in recycled card cartons using biodegradable packing nuts.

A note on biomimicry

We believe in responsible consumption for the sake of the planet and champion biomimicry as a way for all of us to move closer to our goals. Read more about biomimicry here.



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