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ebo founder, kirstie is a qualified, certified aromatherapist who has been practicing for thirty years. she is one of the original founders of the skincare brand, balance me, and has treated hollywood a-listers, professional athletes, stressed-out mums, and busy professionals with her legendary aromatherapy, holistic and massage treatments.


kirstie’s work with ebo is inspired by nature, how our energy naturally changes as the seasons shift and how the best results come when nature is respected.  


ebo was created with simplicity in mind and all our products are designed as bitesize blasts of wellbeing. we’ve created manageable daily routines at accessible price points for daily use with cumulative beneficial effect. our mantra is routine, repetition, reward.


our products are 100% natural, including our aromas which come from expertly selected, therapeutic-grade pure plant actives. this means our products have a real effect on mood and wellbeing.



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