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experience a treatment with ebo founder, kirstie.

Vouchers will be emailed to you and can be printed for gifting. 

All vouchers have booking instructions for either Kirstie's fortnightly clinics at Luxury Bubble, Hampshire (The New Forest), or for her monthly clinic at Urban Retreat, Knightsbridge, London.

Valid for 6 months from date of purchase. 

ebo Seasonal Rejuvenation Facial

60 mins 

A facial to restore a healthy complexion and natural glow to the face. 

This incredibly relaxing treatment includes a lavender steam flannel, double-cleanse, lymphatic drainage and targeted massage of the face, shoulders, décolleté and head. 

Our Seasonal Facial Oils provide shots of essential fatty acids, nutrition and hydration for soft, supple skin - whilst targeted massage techniques plump, lift and smooth the appearance of fine lines.

This treatment delivers instant visible results - smoothing, lifting and plumping.


ebo Muscle Ease Reset Detox Massage

60 mins 

A luxurious and completely relaxing treatment to meet the specific needs of your mind as well as your body. A full body massage using the ebo blend of Detox essential oils designed to boost circulation, fight cellulite and eliminate toxins from the body, leaving you glowing. 
This is a serious shot of TLC - delivering skin enrichers to nourish your skin whilst tension and stress knots are eased away.

ebo Total Reset - combined Facial & Massage Treatment

90 mins 

The ultimate EBO treatment, opening with Muscle Ease Reset Body massage, before moving to a Seasonal Rejuvenation Facial leaving you feeling and looking amazing!