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  • wake-up and sleep aid gift duo

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    We've selected our most popular signature blend combinations in two of our bestselling product formats to create the perfect ebo wellbeing gift. 

    Six clarity wake-up shower steamers are paired with a serenity essential mood oil rollerball for a mood-balancing combination and a thoughtfully indulgent gift. 

    Delicately blended by ebo founder, Kirstie, who has over thirty years of experience as an expert aromatherapist, our steamer and mood oil blends are made with plant actives that are clinically proven to help balance your mood and energy throughout the day. 

    clarity shower steamers transform your shower into a self-care spa experience with wellbeing benefits. Simply place one steamer on the floor of your shower and inhale as therapeutic essential oils are released to form a steam cloud surrounding you as the steamer dissolves. Contains peppermint for memory recall, basil for boosted concentration levels, and rosemary for mental alert, leaving you energised and ready to face the day. 

    The serenity essential mood oil rollerball is a hug in a bottle for extra support tackling life's ups and downs. Chamomile, bergamot, geranium, and lavender oils bring gentle relief when composure and calm are required.