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  • The Wrinkle Eater TM

    Transform your face naturally in just over five minutes a day. The Wrinkle Eater TM is our trademarked 'tooth-edged' face massage tool that comes with bitesize follow-along videos developed by ebo founder, Kirstie, who has been lifting faces - including A-listers - for 25 years.

    The Wrinkle Eater TM comes with a link to seven follow-along tutorials targeting seven different facial zones.

    Use its unique 'teeth' to grip and release tight facial muscles and the round edge to lift, sculpt, depuff, drain and smooth for total facial rejuvenation from home, without invasive or expensive treatments.

    Limited first release of 100. 

    key benefits
    • Drains and depuffs
    • Chisels out jawline and cheekbones
    • Lifts brows, cheeks and jowls
    • Relaxes forehead wrinkles
    • Boosts circulation and lymph drainage
    • Smoother, firmer skin with regular use
    made from

    The Wrinkle Eater TM is made for life. Crafted from quality obsidian: a volcanic lava we chose for its energetic and physical strength (it's so sturdy the Aztecs made their arrows from it.)

    It's also a root chakra stone, said to promote grounding, presence and a sense of inner confidence. Use it to keep negative energies at bay and find the courage to face your inner truth.

    how to use

    Use on a clean dry face. Apply five drops of our seasonal facial oil over the entire face in upward and outward sweeps, using the palm of your hands.

    For maximum benefit, follow our bitesize video tutorials, choosing from one of seven target zones. Link to videos will be emailed on purchase.

    Designed to be used daily, or as needed to release tension and whenever you need a lift.

    care instructions

    Handle with care. Clean after each use with our babyface cleansing bar or your own gentle soap. Place The Wrinkle Eater TM in direct sunlight for about 30 minutes to recharge its obsidian properties.