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Personalized Skin Health Assessment and Face Massage Zoom Session with Kirstie

Kirstie will assess your overall skin health and give you advice on how to get the optimum year round skin glow - by making little adjustments to your lifestyle routines.

She will then work with you on creating and perfecting a 5 minute targetted daily massage routine. Everyone has different expressions and mannerisms and these , sub-conciously repeated hundreds of times daily , create some unwanted fixed muscle positions - like frown lines between the eyes and squint lines around the eyes...

All of these can absolutely be improved dramatically with consistent daily snippets of 'unlocking' massage techniques that Kirstie will adapt specifically for your face.

Facial massage is THE most powerful and effective part of any skincare routine PLUS the results are cumulative, which is why, working different parts of your face, for just five minutes a day, will give you visible, lasting and lifting results.

A  Zoom session with Kirstie is 1 Hour costing £85

Once you have bought your session, you will immediately receive an email offering you the next available (or future) appointment slots to choose from.

A recording of the zoom session will be yours to keep and go back to for continued practice at home.

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