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Kirstie Garrett, ebo founder


Kirstie has worked in the beauty and wellbeing industry for 25 years. She co-founded the natural skincare range 'Balance Me', launching in TopShop’s Oxford Circus, London flagship, and John Lewis stores across the UK.

She founded ebo when she moved to SW France and couldn’t find an all-natural cleanser that was strong enough to unlock the adhesive factor in SPFs but gentle enough on skin to soothe inflammation and moisturise. The result was ebo’s bestselling babyface bar, packed with heavyweight skincare ingredients but kind enough to be used on newborns.

Kirstie’s been treating Hollywood A-listers, professional athletes, stressed-out mums, and busy professionals for over 20 years with her legendary aromatherapy and holistic treatments. Early on, her clients started asking for bespoke beauty oil blends, coming back for more when they saw the results. 

She set up The Vitality Retreat in 2005 because she couldn’t find a retreat out there that ticked all the boxes to recommend to her clients and industry colleagues. Kirstie is currently Director of Training for the cult brand 'Legology' and works as a consultant for various beauty and wellbeing brands.

A note from Kirstie 

My personal choice is to steer away from putting artificial chemicals on my skin or back into the environment, and I know a growing number of people feel the same way.

Overuse of chemical ‘actives’ in skincare can do more damage than good, compromising the skin’s lipid layer. My focus is on supporting this protective barrier and hydrating, brightening and conditioning skin with powerhouse skincare ingredients like ceramides, Vitamin C, antioxidants and linoleic acid, in forms that occur naturally in plants, oils and other botanicals. The work here is done gently with benefits that build up over time and continued use. My beauty mantra says it all: routine, repetition equals reward..


- Kirstie