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February 10, 2019

Many of us launch into the New Year with ambitious 'self help' campaigns in various forms …gym memberships, Marie Kondo wardrobe clear outs, detox programmes , tracking apps that monitor our every (uphill) breath, depth of sleep and of course, morsels eaten.

We are happy to embrace indoctrinations and stick to seriously strict daily regimes as we pay penance for our festive month of celebrations.

Come February, we generally celebrate the end of ‘dry January’ with gusto and return to ‘normal life’ - prioritising most things over and above our own mental and emotional  wellbeing, then wonder why we feel low, uninspired or plain exhausted!

For ‘Frugal February', we are sharing some easy, accessible and often FREE ways of slotting in some precious ‘Me Time’ .

Improving your wellbeing has never been so easy..


Sign up to a Podcast

Make a weekly date with a podcast of your choice. Schedule your 'You Time' into your diary.  You can listen in the bath - securing peace and quiet - Add a few pumps of ebo essential detox body oil to enhance your wellbeing ritual - and let your mind float away from your everyday concerns..whilst you glance a new perspective.

The Goop Podcast

The one that people love to hate, but give it a go and decide for yourself !

Gwyneth really shows more of a down to earth side here, as she explores themes of wellness, culture power and positivity. In the first episode Gwyneth talks to Oprah about her life and experiences, which is about as inspirational as it gets !

ebo Founder Kirstie, provided treatments for Gwyneth and friends at her 'Baby Shower' before ebo was even conceived , but Gwyneth has always been appreciative of natural, clean and eco products and loved her early version of seasonal facial oil Kirstie made for the Goody Bags ! 
Try ebo seasonal facial oils for yourself....

Seek The Joy Podcast 

Sydney Weiss describes her podcast as: heartfelt storytelling and conversations on all things self-love, joy, connection empowerment wellness and spirituality.
Tune in for a new episode every Tuesday .

 Headspace app

If you are looking for more of a consistent commitment (no judgement here!) the Headspace App promises to lead you towards a healthier, happier and more well rested life in just a few minutes a day - by helping you to focus, breathe and stay calm to perform at your best.

You need to take a few minutes at the intro to choose your specific areas of interest and create your 'bespoke' programme.

We suggest having your ebo Clarity Rollerball at hand to help you with clear thinking for these sessions : exhale ...then inhale .


Get Creative

There is a growing recognition in psychology research that creativity is associated with emotional functioning and can lead to an ‘upward sprial’ of increased wellbeing. As adults, we stop doing so many activities that as children brought us feelings of happiness, joy, excitement and enthusiasm - doing something just for fun with no particular end goal.

If you want to multi-task and meet new people at the same time - search out a group activity on your local community noticeboards (supermarkets are often good places to start) and if you can’t find one: Start your own !
As psychologist Geri Weitzman said:
"Sometimes you gotta create what you want you want to be part of"

 Set a meet time at a local venue and create your own Knit and  Natteror Stitch and Bitch …the possibilities are endless!

Bark.com offers a great online search option for learning crafting. Narrow your search by craft, postcode, experience, age, day and time available, length of course and 'Hey Presto'......you can be making a beginners summer beach tunic or designing and making your own wedding dress starting next week!


Express Yourself

 Artyfactory.com  is a free online tutorial site which explores various drawing and painting techniques. Particularly addictive is the pen and ink drawing lesson which takes you through the various stages in the development of this illustration of Whitby below.

It is a detailed work on paper, using pencil, Indian ink and watercolor. This tutorial will help to develop your basic drawing skills in pencil, the use of cross-hatching and stippling techniques with Indian ink, and your watercolor painting skills.

Instructions are clipped down into simple phases of work and easy to follow.

DrawingCoach.com  offers free drawing classes that skip the heavy theory and help students get started drawing immediatley, it’s all about fun learning..how to draw portraints, caricatures and tattoos. All lessons include step-by-step instructions and examples, some have video tutorials.

Try a New Look

If you prefer to paint yourself- and let's face it - nothing lifts the spirits like some instant beautification - There is a strong army of Makeup Artists offering online tutorials via YouTube or IGTV to talk you through the 'perfect no make up make up look' or 'fail proof guide to the definitive smoky eye'.

We love Bryony blake - Hard-working, relate-able Celebrity Makeup Artist, Beauty Presenter on This Morning, who consistently  shares her 'beauty tips to the stars' with us, mere mortals, via her IGTV account.

Hannah Martin keeps it fun and informal on her YouTube tutorials. Her instagram stories offer snap insights into products and looks, but don't be fooled by her chatty demeanour..she means business and has the creds to prove it.
Ex - Bobby Brown; monthly columnist for @Byrdiebeauty; Hannah also created the 'so pretty' wedding look for Princess Eugenie.

Our advice - Find some one you like to listen to and go and have some fun !






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